HYMN 219

WE praise/Thee, O/God, we acknowledge/Thee

to/be the Lord

All the earth doth/worship/thee: 

the/Father ever‐/lasting.

To Thee all Angels/cry a-/loud: the heaven 

and / all/ the powers there-/in 

To thee Cherubim/ and Seraph-im: con-/tinu-al-/ly 

do/ cry. 

Holy,/Holy,/Holy: Lord/ God of /Sabba-/oth;

Heaven and earth are full of thy Maje-sty:

of/ Thy/ Glo-ry 

The glorious company / of -the A - /postles: 


The goodly fellowship of the Prophets: 

Praise/ -// Thee

The noble/ army - of /Martyrs: Praise:-/-/Thee

The holy church throughout/ all the /world: 

doth ac-/know‐/ledge/ thee, 

The/ Fa-/ther: of an/infi-nite/Majesty

Thine honour-/able /true : and on-/ly/ Son

Also the /Holy Ghost: the/ Com-/for-/ter

Thou art the/ King of /Glory: O / -/ -l Christ.

Thou art the/ever-/lasting / Son; of/ - the Fa/ther. 

When Thou tookest upon Thee to de-liver man; 

Thou didst not ab-/hor the/ Virgin’s womb

When Thou hadst overcome the /sharpness of / death; 

Thou didst open the Kingdom of/heaven to / all be-/lievers.

Thou sittest at the right/ hand of / God: 

in the /Glory / or The/ Father

We believe that/ Thou shalt / come: 

to/ he/ our /Judge

We therefore pray THEE, /help Thy /servant:Whom 

Thou hast redeemed/ with Thy/precious blood.

Make them to be numbered / with Thy / Saints: 

In /glory /ever-/lasting.

O Lord, ? save Thy/ people; and / bless Thine /herit-/age

Gov-/ern/them, and/ lift them/ up for/ ever.

Day / by / day; we / magni-/fy / Thee

And we/ worship, Thy / Name: ever/ world 

with -/ out / end

Vouch-/safe, O/ Lord : to keep us: this / day 

with-/out/ sin

O Lord, have / mercy up-/on us: have /mer-/cy 

up-/on us.

O Lord, let Thy mercy / lighten up- /on us: 

as our / trust / is in / Thee

O Lord, in Thee / have I / trusted, 

let me / never be con-/founded.  Amen

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