HYMN 432

H.C 272 10s (FE 456) 
"Men ought always to pray and not 
to faint” - Luke 18:1

1.  PRAY, always pray, the Holy Spirit pleads 

     Within thee all my daily hourly needs,

     Pray. always pray, beneath sins heaviest loads 

     Prayer sees the blood from Jesus side that flowed.

2.  Pray always pray, though weary, faint and lone 

     Prayer nestles by the Father’s sheltering throne.

3.  Pray always pray; amid the world's turmoil 

     Prayer keep the heart at rest and nerves for toil.

4.  Pray always pray; if joy thy pathway throng 

     Prayer strikes the harp, and sing the Angel's song

5.  Pray always pray; if loved ones pass the veil 

     Prayer drinks with them of springs that can not fail.

6.  All earthly things with earth shall fade away 

    Prayer grapes eternity: pray, always pray.  Amen

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