HYMN 472

H.C 298 7s(FE 497) 
“No man is able to pluck them out of
my Father’s hand” - John.10:29 

1.  THINE forever God of love

    Hear us from Thy throne above

    Thine forever may we be,

    Here and through eternity.

2.  Thine forever Lord of life

    Shield us through our earthly strife 

    Thou, the life, the truth, the way 

    Guide us to the realms of day.

3.  Thine forever! O how blest,

     They who find in Thee their rest! 

     Saviour, Guardian, heavenly Father 

     O defend us to the end.

4.  Thine forever! Shepherd keep

     These, Thy frail and trembling sheep, 

     Safe alone beneath Thy care, 

     Let us all Thy goodness share.

5.  Thine forever! Thou our Guide 

     All our wants by Thee supplied 

    All our sins by Thee forgiven

    Lead us, Lord, from earth to Heaven.  Amen

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