HYMN 686

461 H.C 493. 6s 5s
"For who hath despised the day of 
small things." - Zech. 4:10

1.  LITTLE drops of water 
     Little grains of sand 

     Make the Might occen 

     And the beauteous land.

2.  And the little moments 

     Humble though they be 

     Make the mighty ages 

     of eternity.

3.  Little deeds of kindness 

     Little words of love 

     Make our earth an Eden 

     Like the heav'n above.

4.  So our little errors 

     Lead the soul astray

     From the paths of virtue 

     Into sin to stray.

5.  Little seeds of mercy 

     Sown by youthful hands 

     Grow to bless the nations 

     Far in heathen lands.

6.  Little ones in glory

     Swell the angels‘ song

     Make us meet, dear Saviour 

     For their holy throng.  Amen

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