HYMN 100

1.  SPIRIT of the living God

     O descend Thou now

     With pow'r of the Pentecost

     And revive our souls

     And make us to be warm

     Like heavenly fire, come

     With Thy great comfort

     Show us Thy Light.

2.  The world and our soul receive

     And make it Thy Own

     Lord, In our adoration

     Let us see Thy help

     And sincerity be

     And the gift from heav'n

    Of the Pentecost

    Be upon us.

3.  Wash us with Thy precious blood

     of the Calvary

     Wash our souls of sin away

     And redeem us now

    Fill our heart with Thy love

    To walk the good path

    Lord, Thy will, we'll do

    As done in heav'n.

4.  Father Son and Holy Ghost

     ‘ternal Trinity

     Praises, glory and power

     Be to Thee alone

     Thy beauty in this world

     Shall now be our joy

     And with thanksgiving

     Hallelujah.  Amen

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