HYMN 103

Tune: Lo kede ayo na fun gbogbo aye

1.  LORD Jesus Christ is my blessed Saviour

     I shall never be in want

     He maketh me to lie down peacefully

     In green pastures of the Lord.

Chorus:  We offer Thee Thanks


               For Thy saving grace upon our souls

               In the Band of Seraphim.

2.  He leadeth me beside the 'still waters

     And lo! still effect prevailed

     And He restoreth my gentle soul

     By the grace of His name.

Chorus:  We offer Thee Thanks...

3.  Though I walk in valley of shadow of death

     The valley where evil abound

     No fear shall my gentle soul entertain

     Because Thou art with my Soul.

Chorus:  We offer Thee Thanks...

4.  Thy rod and Thy staff they shall comfort me

     And my soul shall find relief

     Thou preparest a table before me

     In the presence of my foes.

Chorus:  We offer Thee Thanks...

5.  Thy goodness and mercy shall follow me

     From now and till eternity

     And all my trust shall ever be in the Lord

     From now and for ever more.

Chorus:  We offer Thee Thanks...

6.  Glory be to our Holy Father above

     Glory be to His Holy Son

     And glory be to the Holy Spirit

     Praises be to Trinity.

Chorus:  We offer Thee Thanks...  Amen

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