HYMN 109

Tune: E ti gbo orin ile wura na

1.  LET us offer thanks unto the Lord

     For His mercies abundant

     Let us in armour be ready

     To fight and conquer Satan.

Chorus:  Satan has strength but can't

               O 'ercome

               By the power of Almight God

               The promises made by our Lord

               Shall endure for ever more.

2.  All of the earth rejoice and be glad

     Cheerfulness now let us work

     Let’s fight on now and to the end

     Till we lay down all our sword.

Chorus:  At the feet of Christ Son of God

              Amidst the rejoicing Angels

              That we may praise Father above

             Son and Spirit for ever.

3.  We members of the Seraphim Band

     Glory we give to our Lord

     Who spread us and again we meet

     All glory be to Thy name.

Chorus:  Look up and watch the banners fly

               Unto all that are victorious

               Welcome we say unto our brethren

               Father God abide with you.

4.  Those who are before victorious

      Are watching as we fight on

      In oneness they chorus to us

      Brethren the time is now at hand.

Chorus:  Be courageous, weary not

               The earth will soon cease to exist

               Victorious shall we all be crowned

               Crown of glory it will be.

5.  We hail thee our spiritual head

     And also the lieutenants

     For the work of Holy Spirit

     Pleasantries we all exchange.

Chorus:  We bid thee welcome all brethren

              Abide with us Almighty God

              And adorn us all on our head

              The crown of glory we plead.

6.  Thanks we give to the Trinity

     For dislodging satan‘s den

     Halleluyah to God above

     As Satan is put to shame.

Chorus:  Joyfully dance, befilled with joy

              Brethren chorus in joyful song

              May love of God abide with us

              That will flow for ever more.  Amen

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