HYMN 111

C.M.S 550 t.H.C.54 L.M (FE 128)
Tune L.M

1.  LET us give praises to our God 

Who dwellest in the firmament

Who unto all men He doth feed 

For all creatures He doth care.

2.  The firmament He broadly decked 

He made the brighter sun and moon 

His handiwork the shinning stars 

Numerical value unknown.

3.  The mortal form of man He made 

And the breath of life He doth give 

A perfect living soul He made 

As befitting as all we be.

4.  But man vilest and rotten be 

From evil to evil they go

The recompense for sin they reap 

ln trouble and also in death.

5.  But let us praise and honour God

For He sent Christ Jesus to us

To seek for all the straying souls 

Redemption from sinful pathways.  Amen

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