HYMN 114

H.C. 567. t.H.C. 520 C.M (FE) 
"I will bless the Lord all all times"
- Ps.34:1

1.  THROUGH all the changing scenes of life 

     In trouble and in joy

     The praises of my God shall still

     My heart and tongue employ.

2.  Of His deliverance I will boast, 

     Till all that are distressed

     From my example comfort take, 

     And charm their griefs to rest.

3.  O magnify the Lord with me, 

     With me exalt His name;

     When in distress to Him I called, 

     He to my rescue came.

4.  The host of God encamp around 

     The dwellings of the just

     Deliverance He afford to all 

     Who on His succour trust.

5.  O make but trial of His love; 

     Experience will decide

     How blest they are, and only they, 

     Who in His truth confide.

6.  Fear Him, ye saints, and you will then 

     Have nothing else to fear;

     Make you His service your delight, 

     He'll make your wants His care.  Amen

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