HYMN 115

C.M.S. 556. H.C.564 C.M (FE 132)

1.  FOR mercies countless as the sands 

     which daily I receive

     From Jesus, my redeemer's hands 

     My soul, what can'st thou give.

2.  Alas, from such a heart as mine 

     What can I bring Him forth

     My best is slain‘d and dyed with sin 

     My all is nothing worth.

3.  Yet this acknowledgement I''ll make 

     For all He has bestow'd

     Salvation's sacred cup I’ll take

     And call upon my God.

4.  The host return for one like me 

     So wretched and so poor

     Is from His gifts to draw a plea

     And ask Hlm still for more.

5.  I cannot serve Him as I ought

     No works have l to boast

     Yet would | glory in the thought 

     That I shall owe Him most.  Amen

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