HYMN 120

C.M.S.239, t.H.C 222, L.M (FE 137)

1.  AWAKE, my soul, to joyful days

     And sing thy great Redeemer's praise

    He justly claims a song from me 

    His loving kindness, oh, how free.

2.  He saw me done, ruined by the fall 

     Yet loved me not withstanding all 

     He saved me from my lost estate 

     His loving kindness, oh, how great!

3.  Tho’ num'rous hosts of mighty foes 

     Tho' earth and hell my way oppose 

     He safely leads my soul along

     His loving kindness, oh, how strong!

4.  When trouble, like a gloomy cloud 

     Has gathered thick and thundered loud 

     He near my soul has always stood,

     His loving kindness, o how good!

5.  Often I feel my sinful heart 

     Prone from my Jesus to depart 

     And though I oft have Him forgot 

     His loving kindness changes not.

6.  So when I pass death‘s gloomy vale 

     And life and mortal pow’rs shall fail 

     O may my last expiring breath

     His loving kindness sing in death.

7.  Now let me rise to heights above

     Unto perpetual land of light

     ln wondrous joy to sing His praise

     His Ioving kindness, o‘er in Heaven.  Amen

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