HYMN 126

6.8s (FE 143)

1.  OH Thou our transcendental God

     We give our praise and heart to Thee 

     All Thy works on earth we praise Thee 

     We worship Thee our Saviour Lord.

Chorus:  (Everlasting Father we plead

               May our hearts bow before

               Thy throne) 2ce

2.  Angelic hosts sing praise to Thee 

     The captain and the King of Kings 

     Loudly the Cherubim praise Thee 

     And Seraphs praises Trinity.

Chorus:  (They sing Holy, Holy, Holy

                Heaven and earth Thine 

                glory filled.) 2ce

3.  Oh God of our great grand Fathers 

     Host of prophets good tidings brought 

     Host of the Saints and Apostles

     Dwells with joy and glory with Thee. 

Chorus:  (Prophets and host of holy Saints

                ln fellowship doth exalt Thee.) 2ce

4.  Head of witnesses of Thy death 

     Honestly rejoices in Thee

     The congregation all chorus

     ln praises and adoration.

Chorus:  (In fellowship with heavenly hosts

                Singing praises to Trinity.) 2ce

5.  Father of everlasting grace

     Thine Is the power and love divine 

     We worship Thine only dear Son 

     Dwelling above in grace with Thee. 

Chorus:   With the Holy Spirit unite The 

                Everlasting Comforter.

                With the Holy Spirit unite The 

                Everlasting Comforter.  Amen

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