HYMN 127

10s A’f’ope f’Olorun to da wa

1.  THANKS we offer to God creator

Who feed and also nuture us

He‘s the Lord who really can bless us all 

Let's jointly sing chorus to our creator.

2.  Praise we give for calling us this way 

Aboard the ship of salvation

Be of help that we may be in resemblance 

Of the Holy Seraphim high above.

3.  Thanks we give for perfect strength and health 

Thou endowed we all Thine children 

Thou the God who strengthens us lest we're weary 

We offer thanks, we praise our Graceful God.

4.  Thanks we offer for answered prayers 

Through all the manners we call Thee 

Even when on us the devil shot his darts 

Shout halleluyah to Victorious God.  

5.  Thanks we give for peaceful mortal frame 

     Revealing Thineself unto us
     That Thou art the only Omniscient God 

     We give thanks and praises to Graceful God.

6.  Thanks we give for the Holy Spirit 

     When we Thy children astray led

     With gentle voice Thou art called 

     us back to fold.

     All we worship Thee Holy Trinity.

7.  Thanks we give for we know Thine altar 

     ‘Midst tribulations of this world

     Thou makest us know Thee as our Father 

     Joy, joy, oh joy we have still our Father.

8.  Thanks be unto Thee God Almighty

     For Thy grace with which thou spares us 

     Thou doth feed and so nuture us everyday 

     Thanks, thanks and praise be to our 

     Graceful God.

9.  Thanks we give unto our Creator 

     For His wonderful works ‘midst us 

     Not forsaking us for just a minute 

     Glory, honour, praise to our Creator.

10.  God who establish the Seraphim

       Of this earthen world below

       Take our voice and put it to use everyday 

       May we sing chorus with Seraphs above.  Amen

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