HYMN 136

(FE 153)
Tune: F’eru re f’a fefe S.M.

1.  BLESSED be Thine name Oh Lord 

     Let all my heart and soul

     And my tongue sing praises to Thee 

     For all His grace and gifts.

2.  Blessed be Thine name Lord 

     Forget not oh my soul

     To offer thanks and offer praise 

     For His mercies so great.

3.  Thine sins He forgiveth

     Thine pains taketh away

     All thine sickness He wholly heal 

     And makest thee reborn.

4.  The hungered He doth feed

     Rest He gaveth laboured 

     Righteously He shall judge the proud 

     For the Just He shall fight.

5.  His works He doth reveal

     By Moses His own priest

     But His Truth and grace He revealed 

     To Christ Jesus His Son.  Amen

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