HYMN 137

H.C. 563. 11.11.11. (FE 154)

1.  IN the Name of Jesus

     Every knee shall bow 

     Every tongue confess Him 

     King of Glory now

     ‘Tis the Father’s pleasure 

     We should call Him Lord 

     Who from the beginning 

     Was the mighty word.

2.  Humbled for a season

     To receive a name

     From the lips of sinners 

     Unto whom He came 

     Faithfully He bore it 

     Spotless to the last 

     Brought it back victorious 

     When form death Separate.

3.  Name Him, brothers, name Him, 

     With love strong as death

     But with awe and wonder

     And with bated breath

     He is Christ the Lord 

     Ever to be worshipped 

     Trusted, and adored.

4.  In your hearts enthrone Him 

     There let Him subdue

     All that is not holy

     All that is not true

     Crown Him as your Captain 

     ln temptation‘s hour

     Let His will enfold you

     In its light and power.

5.  Brothers, this Lord Jesus 

     Shall return again

     With His Father‘s glory 

     With His angelic train 

     For all wreaths of empire 

     Meet upon His brow

     And our hearts confess Him 

     King of Glory now.  Amen

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