C.M.S 140, t.HC 120, D. 8s 7s (FE 31)
"He that keepeth thee will not slumber"
 - Ps. 121:3

1.  THY will save us Lord today

Gladly lay down spent and worn 2ce 

Guard us in the stillness of night 

Us no powers of darkness harm

Jesus be our Guardian ever

It‘s so sweet to trust in Thee.

Chorus:  Halleluyah, Hallelujah

Their songs be all day and night 

Where Jesus the Saviour dwells 

Their songs be all day and night.

2.  Pilgrims we are here below

In the midst of foes we dwell 2ce

Save and guard us from all evil 

On Thy wings in comfort sleep 

At the end of life‘s distress

May our souls repose in Thee.

Chorus:  Halleluyah, Halleluyah...  Amen

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