HYMN 141

Tune: Fe enikeji re

1.  THANKS gave l in the Lord

My tongues, Christ Jesus praise 

That we have not to read Thy word 

Right from when we are babes.

2.  Though my sin increaseth 

Desctruction and horror 

Burden of sin by the nature 

The Holy Bible teach.

3.  The Bible teaches thus

E‘en though we’re innocent 

Whereforce will the sinner access 

From destruction escape.

4.  Thine divine Holy Book 

Jesus my Saviour Lord 

The way of salvation direct 

And goodwill it doth teach.

5.  There-in I rightly learn

How Christ the Son of God

Our great burden and grief He bore 

And in our stead doth die.

6.  In heaven He doth reign

His spirit He doth send 

His greatest love to manifest 

And statutes of goodwill.

7.  Holy Spirit doth teach

That my heart will receive 

And believe all Thy spoken Word 

As then all that are Thine.

8.  There and then oh my Lord

My soul of praise shall rise

‘Cos I am taught to read Thy Word 

Holy Bible divine.  Amen

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