HYMN 152

CM.147, t.H.C 400 C.M. (FE 170) 
Tune: CM Emi ba n’egberun ahon

1.  O! Thou our priceless redeemer 

     Thine voice we long to hark

     None the song as sweet as Thy name 

     None as Thine protection.

2.  Oh Thine Holy voice may we hark

     In mercy speak we plead

     In Christ our High Priest shall rejoice 

     Melchizedech The Great.

3.  Christ Jesus, our song Thou shall be 

     All our days here on earth

     We shall rend hymns of Jesus love 

     When gone all things amiss.

4.  When above there we shall appear 

     In company of Thine own

     Loudly then our songs we shall rend 

     Christ all our songs shall be.  Amen

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