HYMN 159

PM t.G.B.190 (FE 178)
"Let Saviour in If any man hear my voice, 
and open the door, I will come in to him" - Rev. 3:20

1.  THERE's a stranger at the door 

     Let Him in.

     He has been there oft before 

     Let Him in.

     Let Him in are He is gone 

     Let Him in the Holy One' 

     Jesus Christ, The Father's Son 

     Let Him in [Let the Saviour in].

2.  Open now to Him your heart 

     Let Him in!

     If you wait He will depart 

     Let Him in!

     Let Him in He is your Friend 

     He your soul will surely defend; 

     He will keep you to the end

     Let Him in! [Let the Saviour in].

3.  Hear you now His loving voice? 

     Let Him in!

     Now, oh, now make Him your choice 

     Let Him in!

     He is standing at the door’

     Joy to you He will restore,

     And his name you will adore;

     Let Him in!

4.  Now admit the heavenly Guest, 

     Let Him in!

     He will make for you a feast 

     Let Him in!

     He will speak your sins forgiven: 

     And when earth-ties all are riven 

    He will take you home to heaven; 

    Let Him in!  Amen

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