HYMN 161

1.  DESCEND now oh Spirit Divine 

     Inspire us now as we pray

     Fountain of life Thou art a new 

     Thou art the brightness of new dawn.

2.  ln mystery Thou dwell Wllh us 

     And from us thou not afar off

    Close-by Thine voice we all shall hark

    Thine spirit communing with ours.

3.  Our advocator Christ Thou art 

     Advocating thus within us

     In righteousness judge us we plead

     For the excuses of our sins.

4.  Great the unbelief of my heart 

     I recognise my way and Guide 

     Forgive me Lord, my friend I plead

     For oft from Thee I go astray.

5.  Be Thou with me when friend desert

     When there is none me to counsel 

     When my heart is sore bugged down 

     Be Thou my only comforter.  Amen 

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