C.M.S 19,  H.C 35, S.M. (FE 34)
"For now is our salvation nearer 
than when we believed" - Rom. 13:11

1.  ONE sweetly solemn thought

     Come to me o'er and o’er

     I am nearer my home to-day 

     Than I ever have been.

2.  Nearer my Father’s house

     Where many mansions be

     Nearer the great and snow-white throne 

     Nearer the crystal sea.

3.  Nearer the bond of life 

     Where we lay our burden down 

     Nearer shall I leaving the cross 

     Nearer gaining the crown.

4.  But the waves of that silent sea 

     Roll dark upon my sight

     Which brightly on the other side 

     Break on a shore of light.

5.  Father perfect my trust

     Strengthen the grasp of my faith 

     Let me feel Thee near when I stand 

     Along on the shore of death;

6.  Feel Thee near when my feet 

     Are slipping over the brink 

     For it may be I'm nearer home 

     Nearer now than i think.  Amen

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