HYMN 172

C.M.S 43 H.C. 60 7s (FE 190) 
Tune: 7s A gboju s’oke si O

1.  Praise God till eternity

     For His ever unfainting love 

     Fountain and source of all joy 

     May Thy praise fill up our mouth.

2.  For good yield oh now we reap 

     For foodstuff in vineyard stock 

     For all seeds yield on the tree 

     And for oil consummated.

3.  For domestic animals 

     Searching for cereals as meal 

     And for dews from heavens fall 

     For the sun and heat therefrom.

4.  For all yields, summer brought forth 

     Visible all round the earth

     And for yields that winter brought 

     Brought from its fullness thereof.

5.  Thou art Giver of them all 

     Fountain of blessings divine 

     Thus our blessed souls shall rend 

     Praises and thanks unto Thee.

6.  E'en thou the Wlld storm doth rage 

     Though all the barn be destroyed 

     Though the fruits may wither off 

     While harvest is yet to come.

7.  Though the vine may cease to yield 

     And all the trees may go dry 

     Though animals may go dead 

     Though all the beast be no more.

8.  Yet to Thee our souls shall rise

     In praises and thanks to Thee

     When all blessings cease to flow

     Thou we shall love and Thou along.  Amen

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