HYMN 177


1.  THE Church has waited long 

     Hear absent Lord to see

     And still in Ioneliness she waits 

     A friendless stranger she is

     Age after age has gone

     Sun after sun has set

     And still, of her dear Lord bereft 

     She weeps, a mounder yet

     Come then, Lord Jesus, come!

2.  Saint after saint on earth

     Has lived, and loved, and died 

     And as they left us one by one 

     We laid them side by side

     We laid them down to sleep

     But not in hope forlorn

     We laid them but to slumber there 

     Till the last glorious morn 

     Come then, Lord Jesus came!

3.  The serpent brood increase

     The  pow'rs of hell grow hold

     The conflict thickens, faith is low

     And love is waxing cold

     How long, O Lord our God

     Holy, and true, and good

     Wilt Thou not Judge Thy suffering Church 

     Her sights, her tears, and blood?

     Come then, Lord Jesus, come!

4.  We long to hear Thy voice,

     To see Thee Face to Face

     To share Thy crown and glory then 

     As now we share Thy grace

    Come, Lord, and wipe away

    The curse, the sin, the stain

    And make this blighted world of ours 

    Thine own fair world again

    Come then, Lord Jesus, come!  Amen

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