HYMN 183

CM.S 50 O. t H. C. 141 7s (FE 201)
Tune: 777 Jesu l'ojo anu yi

1.  DAY of judgement, day of wrath 

     A day Jesus thine soul seek

     What a great day it shall be.

2.  Loudly shall the trumet sound

     All the graves shall loose their hold

     All the dead shall to life rise.

3.  Death shall thus metamorphose 

     Creatures shall resurrect

     Call of God, all to attend.

4.  The books shall be opened up 

     Contents there-in shall be read

     For by them shall all be judged.

5.  Jesus Christ the Righteous Judge 

     Atone for my sins I plead

    Ere the judgement day shall come.  Amen

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