HYMN 187

C.M.S 48 H.C 64 C.M (FE 205)
"For he hath visited and redeemed his
people" - Luke 1:68

1.  HARK! the glad sound! The Saviour comes 

     The Saviour promise long

     Let every heart prepare a throne

     And every voice a song.

2.  He comes the prisoners to release 

     In Satan‘s bondage held,
     The gates of brass before Him burst

     The Iron fetters yield.

3.  He comes from thickest films of voice

     To clear the mental ray

     And on the eye balls of the blind

    To pour Celestial day.

4.  He comes the broken heart to bind 

     The bleeding soul to cure

     And with the treasures of his grace 

     Enrich the humble poor.

5.  Our glad hossanas, Prince of peace 

     Thy welcome shall proclaim

     And heaven‘s eternal arches ring 

     With Thy beloved name.  Amen

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