HYMN 192

C.M. 56 t.H.C 154 C.M. (FE 210) 
"Prepare your hearts unto the Lord”
- 1 Sam. 7:3

1.  JESUS the most high in heaven 

     Made the world His mighty

     Thou who left Thy great majesty 

     That the world might be saved.

2.  Tho humbly He came to the world 

     In the likeness of men

     That all souls in humility

     May thru the Lord be sav'd.

3.  The angels marvell’d at His sight 

     At great love He bestowed

     We have the priviledge of life 

     Which the angels have not.

4.  Therefore rejoice thy time has come 

     And shout, O ye for joy

     Deliverance cometh for sinners 

     Through Jesus Christ our Lord.

5.  Let Thy return on earth O Lord 

     To us at second time

     That waiting for Thee all our days 

     In joy, may we be found.  Amen

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