HYMN 193

C.M.S 65 t. H.C 14 L.M (FE 211)
Tune: LM Ji okan mi ba orun ji

1.  THE Great Judge now is come, He’s come 

Thus the sound of the seventh trump

The lightening and the thunders strike 

How great shall be believers joy.

2.  We hark the Angel sayeth thus

That Christ Jesus our Lord is crowned 

With grace His girdle He gird on

And with glory His face is veiled.

3.  Thou hath descendeth from Thine throne 

The reigns receiveth all for Thee

Thine reigns acceptable to all 

Receiveth as God conqueror.

4.  Rejoice ye all the heav’ly host 

All ye of earth below rejoice

Our Saviour Lord, glory hath earned

Shall reign for ever and evermore.  Amen

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