HYMN 198

(FE 217) Tune:
“The light shineth forth" - John 1:5

1.  WE praise Thee Father above 

     Thine light sent forth to earth 

     Divine Rays upon us shone 

     Darkness ever dispel

     Angels rcnd sacred chorus

     Glory to the new born King

     In the city of David

     Christ Saviour Lord He is.

2.  All earthly dwellers chorus 

     Heav‘nly host join the strain 

     To Holy Son of David

     The promised Sacred Son 

     Praises to Prince of Glory 

     Glorious crown adorneth 

     Blessings ordaineth the day 

     May we ever partake.

3.  ln reverence He appeareth 

     Divine course He taught

     He leadeth, us  to follow

     His promise receives

     Hark! Heav‘nly Host are singing

     Praises to Sacred Saviour 

     Peace be upon earthly plain 

     Christ mediate for us.

4.  Liberty for the captives 

     Redemption purchaseth 

     Freedom from sin proclaimeth 

     Salvation ever won 

     Praises, Glory and Power

     Unto Father above 

     Glory to His Holy Son 

     And to the Trinity.

5.  Cherubirn and Seraphim 

     Proclaim unto the world

     The Kingdom of God is nigh 

     The world shall no more be 

     Christ Jesus here shall return 

     Not in reverence but (a) Judge 

     May we joyfully meet Him 

     Father hark to our plea.  Amen

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