t. H.C.2 L.M(FE19)

1.  AWAKE, Awake, ye heavenly choir 

     May your devotion me inspire

     That I, like you, my age may spend 

     Like you may I my God attend.

2.  Glory to thee, who safe hast kept

     And hast refreshed me whilst I slept 

     Grant, Lord, when I from death shall wake 

     I may of endless light partake.

3.  Lord, I my vows to thee renew 

     Disperse my sins as morning dew

     Guard my first springs of thought and will 

     And with thyself my spirit fill.

4.  Direct, Control, suggest, this day

     All I designed or do or say

    That all my powers, with all their might 

    ln thy sole glory may unite.  Amen

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