HYMN 208

C.M.S. 79 t.H.C. 14 L.M. 
8888 (L.M)

1.  THE happy day at last has dawned 

     Long awaited by all kindred 

     When the promised Saviour appears 

     Here on the earth in human form.

2.  Shepherd in the fields abiding 

     Watching over their flocks by night 

     First e‘er the glad tiding were told 

     Glad tiding of the Saviour‘s birth.

3.  Angels, God‘s ministering spirits 

     Who came in shinning white app‘rel 

     Brought to them the blessed message 

     The true, glad tidings of great joy.

4.  A mighty dread had seized their mind 

     Because of this strange sight they saw; 

     ‘Fear not' was the comforting words 

     That came from the angelic lips.

5.  Christ the Saviour is born today 

     Yet Christ the Lord on earth is He 

     ln David’s city is He born

     In a humble manager forlon.

6.  ‘All glory be God on high 

     Will be the chorus by all clime 

     For His tender and endless love

     That to a world in need brought peace.  Amen

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