HYMN 218

PM 8s.8s. 6s. (FE 237)
“The glory of God shall endure for 
ever" Ps. 104:31

1.  THE New year arrives, we rejoice, 

     We should rejoice and be joyful,

     Cherubim Seraphim,

     Will never forget the past year

     May this year bring good things to us 

     Look gay in the New Year.

2.  Members of Cherub Seraphim

     Be truthful throughout all your lives; 

     Be steadfast in prayers,

     Do not follow evil people

     Be loyal to all your elders

     Look gay in the New Year.

3.  Ye, praying Band of this Order, 

     Remember all the Visions seen 

     Be good in your dealings

     Join together in fervent prayers, 

     Let unity reign in your midst, 

     Look gay in The New Year.

4.  Those who believe not God's vision, 

     Likened to unyielding Pagan

     Who know not what is good

     Ask Jenny Winful to relay

     Ere she delivered her new babe 

     Look gay in the New Year.

5.  Leave all members of division

     To love and help our neighbours all 

     In the New year we are, 

     Let us refrain from backbiting 

     Casting away all quarreling

     Look gay in the New Year.

6.  In the New Year we ushered in
     The barren shall have new children

     Mothers shall be blessed more

     The debtors shall pay all be relieved

     Witches and Wizards shall have no power, 

     Look gay in the New Year.

7.  In messy state our nation be 

     Pestilence and sickness abound, 

     Divine healing we plead

     By lasting and constant prayers,

     May we abide in love and peace 

     Look gay in the New Year.

8.  None to purchase and none to sell 

     None in charity all to share 

     Money is nought to spend 

     Chastisement of the Lord it be 

     Remorsefully shall we repent 

     Look gay in the New Year.

9.  When the end of the world shall come 

     Father, son may not recognise

     Oh! Lord, remember me

     To hear the gentle voice from Thee, 

     “Come all ye faithful good servants, 

     And receive glorious crowns.  Amen

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