HYMN 221

H.C 513.8.9 8.8 (FE 240) 
Tune: “A nsoro ile'bukun ni"

1.  WE bid thee merry happy year

     We rejoice with thee at this new year 

     Let‘s offer thanks unto the Lord

     For keeping our souls till today.

2.  Host of the young and of the old 

     Long in expectation of this day 

     Many/hath passed to the great beyond 

     En-ve-loped with earth down below.

3.  Band of restoration, elders

     Hail thee for restoring the Band 

     Father above abide with thee 

     Thou shall fulfil thy call unend.

4.  We bid mayor happy new year 

     Hail thee all the subordinates 

     We/hail thee for keeping the state 

     May the Lord beof help to thee.

5.  Be not afrightened believers! 

     Jesus shall provide all thine needs 

     The/barren wombs shall now be blessed

     The maternal ones shall he saved.

6.  After the life coal shall be ashes 

     Bannana tree shall re-incarnate 

     We/know and we are rest assured 

     Our children shall live after us.

7.  We greet thee all our well wishers 

     And ye all our dearly beloved 

     Jesus/shall keep thee and all thine 

     He shall bestow blessings on thee.

8.  We bid thee all happy new year

     This new and happy blessed year 

     May/Divine God our souls preserve 

    That we may withness many more.  Amen

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