HYMN 227

P.B C.M.S 101 C.M (FE 247)

1.  ALMIGHTY God grant that Thy praise 

     All our voices employ

     Thy hand has made the days go by 

     Another year has come.

2.  Our sacrifice rise to Thee Lord 

     Father of all goodness

     For Thy mercy, from year to year 

     That flows from Thy bosom.

3.  In all the changing scenes of life 

     May Thy mercy endure

     As much as Thy goodness to us 

     So let our praises be.

4.  In all the changing scenes of life 

     We feel Thy anxious care 

     Let that same mercy, Lord we plead 

     Bless the year new begun.

5.  And if Thou gives joy, may the same 

     Draw us closer to Thee

     And if suffering, then we shall sing 

     As long as Thou bless us.  Amen

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