HYMN 229

Tune: “Okan mi yin Oba Orun“

1.  ALMIGHTY, Thou God of our peace 

     Decreed that the year roll by

     Thy children have come to thank Thee 

     For the new year just begun

     Praise ye the Lord, praise ye the Lord 

     The great king who spared our lives.

2.  We thank Thee for our protection

     In the year that is far spent

     We implore Thee for Thy help, Lord 

    For all of us this new year

    Let Thy flock here, let Thy flock here 

    Keep growing in Jesus Christ.

3.  May the adult themselves prepare 

     Thee to serve in one accord

    May the sibblings too be ready

    Thee to Seek with heart so pure

    May the Lord's peace, may the Lord’s peace 

    Be the crown of this new year.

4.  May the Holy Ghost from on high 

     Come upon us, this new year

     May the pastor and the teacher

     And all the congregation

     Prepare themselves, prepare 


     To do service for the Lord.  Amen

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