HYMN 233

C.M.S 104 S.M (FE 253) 
Tune SM Ji se Re nde Jesu

1.  HOW perfect be their feet

     Who in Zion doth wail

     Who gospel of salvation brought 

     Who revealeth their joy.

2.  How pleasant be their voice 

     How pleasant be the news

     Zion behold thy God thine King 

     As He hath conquered here.

3.  How great our ears rejoice 

     Hearing the words of joy

     The Prophet and, King waiting on 

     They sought but found Him not.

4.  How great our eyes rejoice

     That hath seen light divine

     The Prophet and King they hath sought 

     They passed on, Him not found.

5.  Reveal Thine strength oh Lord 

     Over, above the earth

     Let all the nations of the world 

     Look unto God.their King.  Amen

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