HYMN 234

K. 194 t.H.C 156 DIM (FE 254)

1.  O Lord, God of our salvation

     Our guide, our leader and our might

     Has brought us together tonight,

     Let us lift our Ebenezer

     The old year that we have gone through 

     Has the Lord crowned with His goodness 

     Each morning, new is Thy mercy

     Let our appreciation increase.

2.  Jesus who sits upon the Throne 

     We raise Helleluyah to Thee

     Because of Thee and Thee alone

     We have been spared to come and sing 

     Help us to have contrition for

     The many sins of the past year 

     Help us to spend this coming year

     To praise Thee more than 

     the past year.  Amen

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