HYMN 237

CMS. 141 7.7.7 (FE 257)
"And let them my say, spare thy people O
Lord, and give not thine heritage 
to reproach" - Joel 2:17

1.  LORD, in this Thy mercy‘s day 

Ere the time shall pass an away 

On our Kneels we fall and pray.

2.  Holy Jesus grant us tears

Fill us with heart-searching fears 

Ere the hour of doom appears.

3.  Lord, on us Thy Spirit pour 

     Kneeling lowly at Thy door 

     Ete it close for evermore.

4.  By Thy night of agony 

     By Thy supplicating cry 

     By Thy willingness to die.

5.  By Thy tears bitter woe 

     For Jerusalem below

     Let us not Thy love forego.

6.  Judge and Saviour of our race 

     When we see Thee face to face 

     Grant us near Thy wings a place.

7.  On Thy love we test alone

     And that love will then be known

     By the pardon round Thy throne.  Amen

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