HYMN 238

C.M.S.152 t.H.C. 27
"Wherefor I abhor myself, and 
repent in dust and ashes" - Job 42:6

1.  UNCLEAN and full of sin

     Am I, O Lord my God

     I dare not venture near to Thee 

     I and my load of sin.

2.  This heavy load of sin

     Doth crush my evil heart

     And how far more wicked it looks 

     Before Thy Holy face.

3.  Must I be left to die?

     And that despairingly? 

     There is joy in Thy atonement 

     For poor sinner like me.

4.  Thy blood which Thou has shed 

     Which is Thy boundless grace 

     Can wash the vilest sinner clean 

     Can melt the heart of stone.

5.  I fall down at Thy feet

     Do, pardon and forgive 

     And here at Thy feet will remain 

     Until Thou sayest. “Arise”  Amen

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