HYMN 239

C.M.S. 146 t. H.C 247 DSM (FE 259)

1.  JESUS my strength, my hope

     On Thee I cast my care

     With humble confidence look up 

     And know Thou hear'st my prayer 

    Give me on Thee to wait

    TillI can all things do

    On Thee, Almighty to create 

    Almighty to renew.

2.  I want a godly fear

     A quick-discerning eye

     That looks to Thee when sin is near 

     And sees the tempter fly

     A spirit still prepared

     And armed with jealous care

     For ever standing on its guard 

     And watching unto prayer.

3.  I want a true regard

     A single, steady aim

    Unmoved by threatening or reward 

    To Thee and Thy great name

    A jealous just concern

    For Thine immortal praise

    A pure desire that all may learn 

    And glorify Thy grace.

4.  I rest upon Thy word

     The promise is for me

    My succour and salvation Lord 

    Shall surely come from Thee 

    But let me still abide

    Nor from my hope remove

    Till Thou my patient spirit guide

    Into Thy perfect love.  Amen

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