C.M.S 492, t.H.C 368, 6s 5s (FE41)

1.  FAITHFUL Shepherd, feed me

     In the pastures green 

     Faithful Shepherd, lead me 

     Where Thy steps are seen.

2.  Hold me fast and guide me 

     In the narrow way

     So, with Thee beside me

     I shall never stray.

3.  Daily bring me nearer

     To the Heavenly shore 

     May Thy love grow dearer 

     May I love Thee more.

4.  Give me joy not sadness 

     This be all my care

     That Eternal gladness

     l with Thee may share.

5.  Day by day prepare me

     As thou seest best

    Then let Angels bear me

    To Thy promised rest.  Amin

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