HYMN 240

CM.S 186 H.C 167 S.M
"O Lord, revive thy work" - Hab. 3:2

1.  REVIVE Thy works Oh Lord,

     Thy mighty arm make bare

     Speak with the voice that wakes 

     the dead

     And make Thy people hear.

2.  Revive Thy work, Oh LORD

     Disturb this sleep of death

     Quicken the smouldering 

     embers now 

     By Thine almighty breath.

3.  Revive Thy work Oh Lord
     Create soul-thirst for Thee

     An hungering for the bread of life, 

    Oh may our Spirit be.

4.  Revive Thy work, Oh Lord 

     Exalt Thy precious name

     And by the Holy, Ghost, our love 

    For Thee and Thine inflame.

5.  Revive Thy works, Oh Lord

     And give refreshing showers

    The Glory shall be all Thine own 

    Thy blessings, Lord be ours.  Amen

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