HYMN 247

C.M.S 150 t.H.C 164
or H.C 140 C.M (FE 267) 
Tune: Emi ba n‘egberun ahon

1.  WHEN in Zion they tarry still 

     Oh multitude of host

     I contemplate the Saviour saith 

     Shall thou me too forsake.

2.  l and this sort of feeble heart 

     Unless me Thou uphold

     Oft of my will I may decline 

     Like them I thus shall be.

3.  Thine is the strength and this I know 

     Wretched of earth to save

     Unto whom else will hence I go 

     If Thou I Will reject.

4.  I know and re-assuringly 

     Thou and Thou art the Christ 

     Thou art the custodian of life 

     Purchaseth by Thine blood.

5.  Thine Holy voice offers me rest 

     And thus dismiss my fears

     Thine love, joy shall offer my soul 

     And that’s enough for me.

6.  Oh what a pain this query brought 

     Wilt thou from me depart
     Oh Lord with all my trust in Thee 

     I replied to Thee "nay.“  Amen

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