HYMN 249

C.M.S.154 H.C 323, C.M (FE 269)
Tune: CM Emi ba n‘egberun ahon

1.  OH! Gladly we behold the grace 

     Of Christ our Great High Priest

     His heart is filled with compassion 

     And rejoiceth for love.

2.  Passionately us He bemoans 

     Our weakness all He knows

     Of temptations also He knows 

     For of same He partook.

3.  He also while sojourning here 

     Bitterly thus He wept

     With everyone He also share 

     Of all our grief and pain.

4.  Humbly with faith let us all seek 

     His compassion and strength 

     Salvation we shall all receive

     When trouble shall erupt.  Amen

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