HYMN 252

C.M.S 159, t.H.C 156 L.M (FE 272)

1.  O Lord my God, hear my complaint

     O listen to my secret prayers

     To Thee alone, O Lord my King 

     Will I retire to seek for aid.

2.  In the morning, Thou’ll hear my prayer 

     Quite early, I’ll rise with the dawn

     I will lift up my eyes to Thee

     MY supplications I’ll present.

3.  But when Thy grace shall bring me o‘er 

     To Thy celestial courts above

     Unto Thee will I set my face

     And worship Thee in humhleness

4.  Let those who have their trust in Thee 

     With great acclaim declare their joy 

     Let those whom Thou keepest rejoice 

     E’en those who love Thy holy name.

5.  Unto the righteous, God didst stretch 

     His hands to scatter blessings free

     Thy favour shall Thy people own

     As their great shield and protection.  Amen

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