HYMN 255

C.M.S 163 .t.H.C 152 CM (FE 275)

1.  O Saviour, like the publican

      I lift my heart to Thee

      ln Thy mercy and in Thy grace 

      Be merciful to me.

2.  I smite, O Lord, my eager heart 

     lt‘s broken and in tears 

     Lord, deliver my aching heart 

     And have mercy on me.

3.  In shame, I confess all my sins 

     Grant me, Thy hope, O Lord

     I plead because of Jesus' blood 

     Be merciful to me.

4.  I am the chiefest of sinners 

     Plentiful are my sins 

     Because of the death of Jesus 

     Come, have mercy on me.

5.  Beneath the cross of Christ I stand 

     It's shadow, my delight

     And God whose mercy is boundless 

     Has had mercy on me.  Amen

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