HYMN 257

C.M.S 173 H.C 160 D 6s 5s (FE 277)
"But I have prayed for thee that thy 
faith fail not" - Luke 22:32

1.  IN the hour of trial 

     Jesus pray for me 

     Lest by base denial

     I depart from Thee

     When Thou see'st me waver, 

     With a look recall

     Nor for fear or favour 

     Suffer me to fall.

2.  With its Witching pleasures 

     Would this vain world charm, 

     Or its sordid treasures

     Spread to work me harm 

     Bring to my remembrance 

     Sad Gethsemane

     Or in darker semblance 

     Cross-crown'd Calvary.

3.  lf with sore affliction

     Thou in love chastise

     Pour Thy benediction

     On the sacrifice

     Then, upon Thine Altar 

     Freely offer‘d up

     Though the flesh may falter, 

     Faith shall drink the cup.

4.  When in dust and ashes,

     To the grave l sink,

     While heaven‘s glory flashes, 

     O’er the shelving brink

     On Thy truth relying 

     Through that mortal strife 

     Lord, receive me dying

     To eternal life.  Amen

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