HYMN 258

C.M.S 173 H.C 163. D 7s 6s. (FE 278)
"He hath made us accepted in the 
Beloved" - Eph. 1:6

1.  I LAY my sins on Jesus

     The spotless Lamb of God

     He bears them all and frees us 

     From the accursed load 

     I bring my guilt to Jesus

     To wash my crimson stains

     White in His blood most precious 

     Till not a spot remains.

2.  I lay my wants on Jesus

     All fullness dwells in Him 

    He heals all my diseases; 

    He doth my soul redeem, 

    I lay my grieves on Jesus, 

    My burdens and my cares;

    He from the mall releases; 

    He all my sorrows shares.

3.  l rest my soul on Jesus,

     This weary soul of mine; 

     His right hand me embraces; 

     I on His breast recline,

     I love the name of Jesus 

     Emmanuel, Christ the Lord; 

     Like fragrance on the breezes 

     His name abroad is pour'd.

4.  I long to be like Jesus,

     Meek, loving, lowly, mild;

     I long to be like Jesus,

     The Father's Holy Child,

     I long to be with Jesus,

     Amid the heavenly throne

     To sing with saints His praises

     And learn the Angels‘ song.  Amen

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