HYMN 260

C.M.S.176 H.C 170 7s (FE 280)
"I have no pleasure in the death 
of the wicked" - Ezek. 33:11

1.  SINNERS, turn why will ye die? 

     God your maker, ask thee why 

     God, who did thy being give 

     Make thee with himself to live 

     He the fatal cause demands,

     Ask the work of His own hands 

     Why, ye thankless creatures, why 

     Will thou cross His love, and die?

2.  Sinners turn why will ye die 

     God thy Saviour, asks thee why

     God who did thy Souls retrieve, 

     Died Himself that ye might live,

     Will ye let Him die in vain, 

     Crucify the Lord Again?

    Why ye ransom’d sinners? why 

    Will you slight His grace, and die?

3.  Sinners turn why will ye die?

     God, the Spirit; asks thee why

     He who all thy lives hath striven 

     Urged thee to contend for heaven 

     Will you not His Grace receive,

     Will you still refuse to live 

     Why’ye long‐ sought sinners why, 

     Will thou grieve thy God and die?

4.  Can you doubt if God is love 

     If to all His yearnings move? 

     Will ye not his word receive 

     Will ye not His oath believe? 

    See, your dying Lord appears

    Jesus weeps believe his tears 

    Mingled with His blood they cry, 

    Why will ye resolve to die?  Amen

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