HYMN 262

C.M.S.188 H.C. 173 L.M (FE 282)

1.  MY God, my Father, does Thou call 

     Thy long-lost wandering child to thee 

     And canst thou wilt thou pardon all? 

    I come, I come, Lord save thou me.

2.  O Jesus, art thou passing by

     With all thy goodness, grace, and powar 

     And dost thou hear my broken cry?

     I come, I come, in mercies hour.

3.  O Holy Spirit, is it thou,

     My tenderest Friend refused too long? 

     And dost Thou pleading, striving now? 

     I come, I come, make weakness strong.

4.  Yes, Lord, I come, Thy heart of love 

     ls moving, kindling, drawing mine

     I cast me at thy feet to prove

     The bliss, the heaven of being Thine.  Amen

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