HYMN 266

S.124 t.H.C 336 11s (FE 286)
"Quench not the Spirit" - 1 Thess. 5:19

1.  THE Spirit O sinner in mercy doth move

     Thy heart so long hardened or sin 

     to reprove 

     Resist not the spirit nor longer delay 

     God's gracious entreaties may end 
     with today.

2.  O Child of the kingdom, from sin‘s 

     service cease

     Be filled with the spirit, with comfort

     and peace

     Oh, grief not the spirit, thy teacher is He 

     That Jesus thy Saviour may glorified be.

3.  Defiled is the temple it is beauty laid low 

     On God‘s holy altar the embers faint glow 

     By love yet rekindled, a flame may be 


     Oh, quench not the spirit, the Lord is 

     at hand.  Amen

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